We are second generation family business over 30 years.  We take  special pride  in  the  variety  
Products  we  Manufacture. Our attitude  of Genuine concern and  courtesy  to our customers 
reflects this great pride.  

Our experienced well trained  staff has  developed  a widely line  of Sportswear, Motorbike Leather, 
Motorbike & Summer Gloves, Motocross Gloves, Kidney Belts, Saddle Bags, Tool Bags and 
  products and produce close contact with the tip importers, buyers in the world.
We are presenting this catalogue with a hope that it would be and excellent guide to all our promoters. 
We pledge and undertake to serve to even more in the years ahead to our quality minded promoters 
with highest standard and correct designing of the merchandise.
Though  the catalogue  covers a wide  range  of models but we are open to welcome your enquiries 
for the items not listed in the catalogue.
Our earnest  desire is to maintain  the present prices but   due to the universal economic conditions 
it has remained beyond our control to make adjustments where necessary.

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